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My Areas of Expertise

Supporting All Your Needs

Dealing with a new diagnosis

Once the initial shock sets in, it's time to get to work. The process may seem daunting, but I will guide you through the various steps you need to embrace you and your child's new life. It will take a few months, even up to a year, but living with type 1 diabetes will eventually become second nature.

Techniques for Tighter Glucose Control

Struggling to improve your child's HgbA1c? Let's discuss various techniques to achieving improved glucose control, such as diet, continuous glucose monitoring and insulin treatment.

Preparing for Daycare or School

Sending Noor to school was an entirely new challenge. Let's discuss when and how to ask for a 504 plan and how to train and communicate with your school leadership and nurses in order to help your child stay safe and participate fully at school.

Training Childcare Providers

My family has been blessed with loving and extremely competent nannies over the years. We are a team and I trust my nanny wholeheartedly. I can help you find and train the same kind of person for your household.

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